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Welcome to the world of LeatherStyle Company, where genuine leather inspires the creation of unique women's clothing! Our team is an association of true professionals, inspired by the passion for creating high-quality and stylish products from genuine leather. We strive to give every woman confidence, comfort and unique style through our products.

Our work is based on real art. We believe that genuine leather is not just a material, it is a source of inspiration. We turn this noble material into incredibly beautiful and practical clothes that embody your uniqueness and style.

Why choose us?

Quality without compromise: We work exclusively with high-quality genuine leather, paying attention to every detail in production to ensure the longevity of our products.

Commitment to Excellence: We are constantly researching new technologies and fashion trends to create clothes that always meet your expectations.

Individual approach: every woman is unique, so we offer a variety of styles, colors and cuts so you can find exactly what suits you.

We are proud that we create not just clothes, but real works of art that emphasize your individuality and give you self-confidence. Welcome to the world of LeatherStyle Company, where genuine leather becomes your inspiration!

Genuine leather skirts from LeatherStyle Company

Our genuine leather skirts are true masterpieces, combining elegance, comfort and style. We pride ourselves on a variety of styles, colors and styles to suit the diverse preferences and needs of our clients.

Our collection includes a variety of colors, from classic blacks and browns to vibrant and intense colors. In terms of cuts, we have skirts with various details such as zips, pockets, slits and pleats so you can find the perfect fit for your style and mood.

Thus, in our collection you are sure to find a genuine leather skirt that suits you and emphasizes your individuality, whether it is an image for everyday wear or a special event.

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Genuine leather shorts from LeatherStyle Company

Our genuine leather shorts come in a variety of styles to suit a variety of occasions. We strive to provide a choice for every situation and mood.

Our range includes a variety of colors and details such as pockets, closures and embroidery so you can find shorts that reflect your personality and style.

Whatever the occasion, we have leather shorts that combine style, comfort and functionality to make you look smart and confident.

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Leather pants from LeatherStyle Company

Our genuine leather pants are the perfect combination of comfort and style. We take special care to ensure that every pair of pants we create provide maximum wearing comfort while maintaining high style.

Our pants can include a variety of details such as embroidery, zippers, pockets and pleats to add extra charm and style to your look.

Thus, our genuine leather pants are versatile clothing that is suitable for both everyday wear and special events. They combine comfort and style, giving you self-confidence and the ability to express your individuality through fashion.


Delivery methods

Courier Delivery: We partner with reliable courier services that deliver orders right to your doorstep. This option is suitable for those who appreciate convenience and want to receive their order at a convenient time.

Postal: If you prefer a more economical option, we also offer postal delivery. This option is suitable for customers located in remote regions.



I bought a genuine leather skirt and shorts from you and they are amazing! Very high quality and stylish. Now I feel like a real fashionista!


Thanks for the prompt delivery! My new leather pants arrived in perfect condition and fit perfectly. I will definitely be ordering more!


Your leather shorts have been a real godsend for my wife. She just loves them. Very nice quality and stylish design. Thanks to your company!

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To purchase clothes from our collection, just contact us via the feedback form on the website or by phone. We are ready to answer your questions and help you make a choice.

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